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Nicolas Tilly
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I bought Framer just a few days and I already found this really cool software. I have read the documentation but I come here to ask for advice to start a project. I try to make a prototype with three pages, each with a different height (by clicking on a button you can move from one page to another) but when I scroll on the first page, it also scroll in the other. I think I still have not understood the PageComponent and ScrollComponent ... If you have an example of this kind of project to show me it will help me a lot. Thanks for your help :)


Arron J Hunt

Can you post your project on here so we can take a look?

Nicolas Tilly

Yes of course here is the link:

Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Nicolas Tilly!

What you would like to do is wrap the pages in scrollComponents to achieve the vertical scroll. I fixed the proto for you and put the explanation in there as comments. Don't hesitate to send me a message if something is still unclear! ;)

(I also added a little loop for you which makes it very easy to add another page)

Nicolas Tilly

Hi Krijn Rijshouwer ! thank you very much! The proto seems understandable with your explanation :) Thanks I appreciate your help.

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