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Dave Crow
Posted Apr 07 - Read on Facebook

I just uploaded a prototype after upgrading to the new version of Studio and it looks fuzzy in Chrome, but sharp in Safari. Has anyone else seen this?


Arron J Hunt

What happens when you resize your browser window?

Dave Crow

It's also fuzzy when viewing my local copy in Chrome...FWIW.

Dawid Cedrych

Dave Crow it's offtopic but did you use some library to make transitions between the views?

Kelly Keenan

Crisp for me in Chrome. I dig the animation!

Marc Krenn

It's fuzzy for me as well.
Chrome Version 49.0.2623.54 beta (64-bit)

Ricardo Pedroso

Actually I'm getting the same problem with my prototype. Anyone knows the solution? Thank you.

Koen Bok

Resampling on non ideal sizes can get blurry, and especially Chrome has problems with this lately.

Chris Lee

Noticing this too. Filed a Chrome bug at

Noah Levin

In the mean time ive found if you save your prototype while its view is set to percentage values (e.g 50%) instead of "fit", itll both look sharper in many cases in chrome and allows you to use your browser zoom. Not great for all prototypes but I've found it works well often

Koen Bok

Yeah, Chrome and Safari chose a different path for their image resizing algorithm. Unfortunately, Chrome does not have a way to change it (for now). So especially on non-retina screens, any sharp artwork looks bad in Chrome, including many prototypes :-/

You can learn more here:

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