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Asher Isaac Simonds
Posted Mar 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framer folks,

I'm working on a simple slide-up animation. I've imported my layers from Sketch and have a bottom sheet that extends past the bottom of the screen. Framer only seems to honor the part of the sheet that's present in the artboard at load, however, so when the sheet animates up it only partially covers the content behind it.

I supplemented it with a simple generated layer to fill the space but I was wondering if there was a way to remove this clipping.



Jorn van Dijk

Try: layerA.clip = false

Jorn van Dijk

Can you share your prototype if you need more help?

Asher Isaac Simonds

I tried clip before on the layer's group with no avail. While I can't share the full proto, here's a trimmed-down version with just the issue in question:


i have the same problem like u,looking forward to replying

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