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Jorn van Dijk
Posted Mar 11 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, our latest release is here with stunning new devices for previewing and presenting your prototypes. We teamed up with the Facebook Design Team to bring you a beautiful new set of mobile phones, tablets and watches. We've also revamped and simplified our previewing features. Thanks to Julius, Jeff and George for all of their great work.


Benjamin Den Boer

Thanks a ton for helping us out, Facebook Design! :-)

Andrew Nalband

Cool! Is it just my install, or does the Microsoft Lumia 950 White look suspiciously similar to the Microsoft Lumia 950 Black?

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I love the htc

Rıza Selçuk Saydam

Also please check out Android Wear (Moto 360) custom device template for Framer:

Example: 👍

Aaron James


Juan Sanchez

What about turning the cursor into a finger? ;-)

Aaron James

Feature Request: Now that there are so many frames, could you please include the screen resolution below the name? Seems like a useful bit of info to include.

Chris Camargo

Did you guys switch the versioning system again, or is this an oversight?

Aaron James

What about Android Wear?

Keith Lang

Congratulations guys. This is really great.

Mike Hughes

Thanks for the new version guys, great work ! The new device frames and rotation behaviour is even more polished :-)

Mike Hughes

Trying my old code around device orientation change and run into some issues. New version 53 will now trigger Framer.Device.orientation detection in Framer Studio OR mobile (the new bit in v53) but orientation is only 0 or 90. So it will only detect changing orientation to landscape if you turn the mobile device counter clockwise. Turn a phone on mobile clockwise to landscape and it will not be detected.

Mike Hughes

Previously I used:window.addEventListener "orientationchange"

Mike Hughes

to detect orientation change on mobile, but that now does not work.

Mike Hughes

On mobile would really like Framer.Device.orientation to detect rotation clockwise or counter clockwise. But this probably also means orientation can be 0, 90, 180 and 270. Or perhaps 0, -90, 90 and 180.

Spencer Brooks

Kasper Germann Kramme

What about kids hands?

Tai Kim

It is not working for me... It does not let me select a device, it just go back to "No Device". Thanks!

Sander Värv

My custom device gets messed up after updating to latest framer. None of the new devices work for me too, because I need 1280x720 resolution. Any tips for fixing this, other than redrawing my sketch file?

Renato Valdés Olmos

cc Melanie

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