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Dawid Cedrych
Posted Feb 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I wonder how to change text color, backgroundColor parameter changes the actual label's background color instead of text itself. I imported file from sketch, group my label so it's visible in framer and tried as follows:

sketch.layerA.onTap ->
sketch.myLabel.backgroundColor = "ffffff"

Thanks in advance


Floris Verloop

Could you share your prototype, I'd like to take a look.

Marc Krenn = "red"

Andrew Nalband

Hi Dawid, if your text was created in sketch and imported, it is imported as an image and you can't adjust the color of it on the fly like that. If your text is HTML, the method Marc Krenn is sugesting above will work. In order to share your prototype like Floris Verloop is suggesting, click the share button in framer (top right side of the interface) and copy and paste the link it generates here.

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