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Mike Johnson
Posted Apr 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey all, just wanted to share a demo of a new module I've been playing with. I named it LayerTree and it lets you access the hierarchy of imported layers by name, so things like 'artboard.group1.layer.width = 100'

Here's a quick video and the github link:

Also I'd like to start making some more screencasts and tutorials, any recommendations for things? There's already a variety of good stuff out there, so intro level stuff seemed covered... What do you think?


Mike Johnson

Also it's my first screencast, so let me know if there's any issues with the recording or audio, or mistakes of course.

I was thinking of putting the find module in there as an alternative to mine, it enables the same result in a different way

Jordan Robert Dobson

Do you protect the object if the user has a layer named "frame" or "point"?

Kishore Doddi

Great module and screencast. Your Cordova screencast is helpful as well. Thanks!

Bruce Vang

Thanks for sharing. Huge time saver.

John Manhart

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing.

Adam Morgan

Really helpful, thanks for sharing.

Mohammed Morsi



Thanks for your sharing,it is awesome.But when I create a sketch file has many group like the sample, it will rename by Framer to be unique name...When will I encountered such a situation? thanks.
here is my sample sketch

Aaron Paterson

Hey great project and explanation. I would like to used the 'item' section of code you used to conduct a simple prototype. Will you be able to help me ? I'll send it through if you can....

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