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Mochen Liu
Posted Feb 22 - Read on Facebook

Help! sI'm learning FramerJS, and ... superLayer seems not working in my Framer studio...
I copied the same code from an example on codepen ( It works perfect in the website (layerB is inside of layerA, aka layerA is the mask layer for layerB) but it doesn't work in my framer studio.

Here's the code I copied from CodePen

layerA = new Layer
width: 150
height: 150
x: 50
y: 50
backgroundColor: "#FFC107"

layerB = new Layer
width: 720
height: 75
x: 5
y: 75
backgroundColor: "#ff0000"

layerB.superLayer = layerA

Does anyone know why is this happened? Thanks a lot!!


Mochen Liu

It looks like this in my framer ... the red layer be a child layer of the yellow one...

Ohn Ho

Framer recently changed the behavior of parent/superLayers. Set clip: true for layerA and you should be good.

Ohn Ho

Framer code is packaged with everything it needs to run on its own. So if you ever find that Framer has new features that you'd like to use with an old project, you'll have to "Update Framer..." to take advantage of it. I'm relatively new to Framer too, so I understand the confusion. Happy Framer'in!

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