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Spencer Brooks
Posted Feb 22 - Read on Facebook

Question for the community.

I want to tap and hold on a button in order to bring up a "selection menu" (draggable layer), and without lifting the finger (touch is still occurring), the "selection menu" gets dragged and captures the drag events. Unfortunately I can't seem to make this happen without a lifting the finger doing a starting a separate drag.

I did a quick example below (neanderthal code) to show what I mean. How can I get "selection menu" to drag without lifting my finger?


Marc Krenn

I think you should probably look into replacing 'drag' with the new 'pan'-gesture. The latter will work without having to lift and re-tap the screen.

Let you me know if you need some help setting it up! :)

Spencer Brooks

Thanks Marc! I'll give it a look.

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