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Javier Eduardo Treviño
Posted Feb 20 - Read on Facebook

how do I make the prototype fill the whole device size when I'm not using Framer Studio but my own editor?


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Make sure you set up the viewport tag correctly in your html !

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I tried '<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">' but it didn't work,I am using npm live-server but I can'tget the full width

Javier Eduardo Treviño

Aatur Harsh

use width=device.width and height=device.height

Javier Eduardo Treviño

thank you for your help, I tried a lot of things and after a lot of google searches , this worked '<meta name="viewport" content="width=750; user-scalable=no;" /> (720 being the width of my Sketch artboards)

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I suppose it's not at all a good practice for actual websites but for a mobile prototype it's fine, no?

Javier Eduardo Treviño

anyway it worked :)

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