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Kishore Doddi
Posted Feb 19 - Read on Facebook

If you have 20+ pages side-by-side or 20+ layers set up in horizontal scrolling, the layers flash and disappear a lot making the prototype look very choppy on iPhone 6s.

Is there some way to make it look smoother?

Here is the simplest example -- all I did was change '10' to '20' in PageComponent snippet:


Floris Verloop

This is a bug we fixed recently, could you try "File → Update Framer..." and see if this is fixed?

Kishore Doddi

Thanks, but I'm on v52 and I still get the bug.

Edwin Van Rijkom

v.52 is the "Framer Studio" version. The version of the FramerJS framework that a project uses can be updated by opening it, and then do "File → Update Framer...", like Floris suggested. Could you try that and see if it fixes things?

Kishore Doddi

That works, thanks!

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