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Mac Pankiewicz
Posted Mar 07 - Read on Facebook

It's been a while since I worked on this, but now wanted to share with Framer community. The camera app is part of phone called Robin by Nextbit. Thanks Framer I was able to turn design ideas into fully interactive prototype, that would communicate the in and outs of designed behaviour to developers and let us test it with users.



how to do this?

Benjamin Den Boer

This looks incredibly detailed! Would love to see your code, too. :-)

Brittany Bowman Gregory

Really nice! Thanks for sharing.

Mac Pankiewicz

陈鹏, Benjamin, at the beginning code was a super spaghetti, then I rewrote everything because needed to handle extra interactions. Final result is the mix of functions and states. Predefined styles also helped. This prototype has 1024 lines, so it's not that bad. That's a bummer I can't share it :/

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