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Johan Strömgren
Posted Mar 05 - Read on Facebook

Don't know if this is useful, but I wrote a quick tutorial on how to use an Xbox 360 controller to interact with a Framer prototype.


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Great, that's my setup for TV remotes as well ( I use a Sony Bluetooth remote for that, works the same way ) Thanks for sharing

Marc Krenn

Awesome! I too was using HID to let my (Arduino-like) Teensy talk to Framer. The problem with HID however is, that the binary nature of HID-inputs is very limiting when it comes to transmitting multi-digit-integers, say a a sensor input ranging from 0-255. I've come up with a workaround for that particular problem, but it's super nasty.

Re-implementing MIDI support would instantly solve this problem. Any news on that topic, Koen?

Guillermo Romero Jr


Floris Verloop

Ha, smart!

Ivor Sangala

I'm taking a similar approach with Quartz Composer. Xbox One - Emulate to Keypress for Keyboard Events and run off of that.

Victor Nogueira

Hey guys. I was reading this post yesterday and decided to buy an IR receiver for my Macbook, so it could work with my Apple Remote. Ended up buying this little thing:

It emulates a keyboard, so you can assign any remote keys to keyboard keys with their software, which is free and super friendly. I'm using a aluminum Apple Remote for a TV prototype and it works great. Just thought I'd share this setup, since I was impressed with how easy it was to configure.


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