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Nicolas Elizaga
Posted Feb 19 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone! In the recent Framer.js updates, can you think of anything that might cause the behavior in the attached video when packaging up a Framer project as a Cordova iOS project?

It tries to overscroll outside the bounds of the device, which happens anytime I have any off-screen assets (i.e. all the time). I can only recreate this behavior when running as a native app, FYI.

If I roll Framer.js back to a version before Feb 16th, the scrolling behavior seems to work correctly – but unfortunately misses out on other iOS scrolling fixes you all deployed.

Sample framer project:

Thanks :)


Nicolas Elizaga

Quick observation: this may break other things, but if I inspect the native app with Safari and add "overflow: hidden;" to ".framerContext", it seems to fix the issue for me.

Looks it's directly related to this change:

Jordan Robert Dobson

Add clip: true to your layers.

Koen Bok

I think we fixed this one. Make sure you do File - > update Framer in your project.

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