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Nik Udovitskiy
Posted Feb 18 - Read on Facebook

Hey Guys,
Can someone please help me with the "List Sorting" example that is made available by Benjamin Den Boar on the Framer website?

Found here:

I didn't think that copy+paste into a new/empty Framer file would render the code incompatible. I've spent a week trying to get it to work with no avail. Thanks guys, and thank you Benjamin for the example!


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Hi Nik, my guess here is that copy and paste from the web is giving you a difference in indentation. That will break the script fairly easily.

Nik Udovitskiy

Thanks for your reply Marcelo, but unfortunately that is not the case. It's really weird - it's as though the example is pre-compiled on an old version of Framer. Copy+Paste into a fresh file shoots me with syntax and null pointer errors. (I'm not sure if those are the correct terms).

Floris Verloop

Here's a fixed version:

The reason it breaks is because the arguments in the event callback have been altered. Instead of (event, layer) you'll now receive (event, draggable, layer). This example wasn't updated yet, sorry for the inconvenience.

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Yes, Floris I was going to write that I read the mentions on this before. I just don't trust copy from web editors anymore ;)

Nik Udovitskiy

Guys, you are the best. It seems to have solved the issue! I'm overwhelmed with joy. :)

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