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Stephanie Engle
Posted Feb 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey friends, what's the simplest way to create a shimmer effect a la FB mobile loading skeleton? I figured out a hacky solution earlier, but it was so bloated.


George Kedenburg III

share the hacky solution!

Ben Lee

A background radial-gradient?

George Kedenburg III

Stephanie are you asking how to create the shimmer visual effect, or how to structure it logically in your project?

Athyuttam Eleti

Checkout the source here:

Marc Krenn

Hey Stephanie, made this a couple of months ago: (works best in Safari & Framer Studio)

Code's unfortunately a bit messy, but on the plus side, it's a native solution :)

Javier Díaz

You could have a seamless gradient that you loop continuously, then offset the color of every component depending on the minY and modulate based on time.

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