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Márcio Ribeiro
Posted Feb 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey folks, do you guys often use Framer for prototyping websites? I’m working in one right now and would like to know if Framer has a function for enabling scroll from browser, instead of the usually “touch move” native from the Scroll Component.


Matt Baxter

I prototype websites in it quite a bit. Once you create a scroll component, do this (where sc is your scroll component object):

sc.scroll = false
sc.mouseWheelEnabled = true

Márcio Ribeiro

Thanks a lot, Matt Baxter! =) When I use the "native" scroll from Framer I can get the distance scrolled using something like "sc.on Events.Move (offset), -> print offset.y". So my question is: how can I get this offset using the scroll from mouse wheel?

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