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George Kedenburg III
Posted Jun 22 - Read on Facebook

The other day I had some downtime and thought it'd be fun to build a Framer version of the awesomely rad music player that Tim Quirino recently designed and shipped (link in comments).

Once I had it working, I thought it'd be even more fun to hook it up to the Spotify API so you could preview the player with (almost) any track you wanted to.

It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty cool. I hope it helps out if you're just starting to get in to integrating APIs into your prototypes.

Check it out!


Marc Krenn

Awesome - thanks for sharing this very inspiring example with us, George! Keep those API examples coming!

Chris McDonnell

Great stuff. Is there a way to override video automatically playing full screen on iOS? Sometimes I just want video to be part of the design, not have it overtake the screen

Sergi Bosch

Very cool thnx for posting

Guy Gunaratne

Awesome thanks George

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