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Keith Lang
Posted Feb 17 - Read on Facebook

You've probably seen this. +1 for a Lego-easy Machine learning module in Framer…


Louis-André Labadie

I think "Lego-easy" may be understating the work in doing the neural network :P

MatMat Jamar

Rudy Delmal Antoine Gomez

Marc Krenn

I'm curious about how people would use such a learning algo in the context of UI/interaction-design. Any ideas?

Keith Lang

Admittedly my use-cases are niche: Prototypes to detect if devices are moving or still and ready to take a picture. Detecting non-standard gestures (much like Mike's demo) for converting to other input. Detecting that the user is speaking (I used QC somewhat successfully for this one.)

Mike Feldstein

Detecting gestures is probably easier with machine learning than writing standard gesture detection.

Mike Feldstein

This course is pretty cool for just "Here's how you use machine learning to detect stuff":

Mike Feldstein

All the other courses i've seen get super into the nitty gritty, this is a great intro to just making it do things

Koen Bok

Neural networks are really cool. I was playing with this library a while ago. Should be easy to hook up and use with Framer too:

Alexander Oemisch

Laura Chiesa :)

Javier Eduardo Treviño


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