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Jonas Jäger
Posted Feb 16 - Read on Facebook

Chad Lonberger posted something about iOS scrolling performance a few hours ago. Thought I'd chime in with my Android experience.

I'm using a LG G3 to preview my mockups and the performance is very poor (see Video). Performance is fine in the FramerJS IDE itself or in presentation mode.

First I thought it was because of large images and the high resolution of my device (I'm setting a custom device in framer). The png of the content that gets scrolled is 1506 × 6848 pixels, the png file is 10mb. But even if my scrollable content is only a grey/white pattern with small file size, I get poor performance.

Did anybody have similar experiences with his Android (high res) device?


Jonas Jäger
Jonas Jäger

same framer project previewed in the mac framer app:

No hickups at all.

Marc Krenn

Hey Jonas,

seems like the G3 or Android can't handle such large assets. Try to chunk 'Content' into an array of smaller ones:
This one runs at about 25-30fps on my G3.

Jonas Treub

Koen just discovered a bug which was caused by the new clipping default. I changed clip to be true for the content layer of the scroll component. Does this improve the on device performance?

Jonas Jäger

Marc Krenn I tried to leave every item (photo, text) in its own png instead of flattening the layer group. Unfortunately it doesn't make a difference:

Jonas Jäger

file size of the scrollable png doesn't seem the problem, but the dimensions of the png. switching out the content for a simple pattern (then the png is 50kb instead of 10mb) doesn't improve performance on my device

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