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Diego Oriani
Posted Feb 17 - Read on Facebook

I am getting the following error trying to load a JSON file in FramerJS — SyntaxError: Unexpected token ':'. Parse error.

Have anyone come across this as well?


Marc Krenn

There's a new Utils.-function to load JSON files:
'Utils.domLoadJSONSync("path")' :)

Diego Oriani

I see. Thanks Marc Krenn :D

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice. I missed the new function as well.

Diego Oriani

Marc, where did you find that function? I cannot find in the docs. Is it a JavaScript function?

Diego Oriani

Thanks for the link.

Koen Bok

Also, some API's require you to use a CORS proxy to work:

Diego Oriani

That's good to know. I am still struggling to access the JSON file properly. For some reason I cannot retrieve the data inside a loop. Any ideas why? I can print values outside the loop but not inside -

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