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Chad Lonberger
Posted Feb 16 - Read on Facebook

Does ScrollComponent have some on-device performance limitations? Simple demo w/ 36 layers appears to bog hard on an iPhone 6.


Daniel Lin

I've been running into the same issue! It's preventing me from sharing/previewing anything on-device that uses ScrollComponent

Jordan Robert Dobson

I haven't seen this... What version of framer and what viewer are you using?

Chad Lonberger

Daniel Lin, does this work on your device?

Floris Verloop

This is happening over here too (using Frameless on iOS 9), it seems to hide certain parts of the scrollView when a Tap/Click event fires. Can't really say at the moment what it is exactly. **...continues investigating...**

Randi Dumaguet

Same issue using different browsers on mobile, even using Frameless. I'm on iPhone 6, iOS 9.2.1

Koen Bok

Just fixed this one. It turned out there is a rendering bug in iOS that got triggered when we set layer.clip to false by default. You can the fix in a minute by doing "File-> Update Framer...". We will ship a bugfix release asap.

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