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Koen Bok
Posted Feb 14 - Read on Facebook

Question. I'm working on the importer a bit, and I haven't used Photoshop a lot lately. If you use Photoshop with Framer a lot, and you run into issues often, I'd love to know about them.


Koen Bok

For anyone who is interested, the Photoshop to Sketch import usage ratio is about 1:10. Sketch is doing well :-)

Aalok Trivedi

Not really pertinent to tour question but I would love it if you were able to pick which open sketch file to choose to import. Oftentimes I have many sketch files open and I have to close all Of them to import the right file.

Márcio Ribeiro

Hey Koen, Im having troubles working with @2x layouts for Ipad Mini when importing to framerjs. It appears that the mockup doesn't accept this resolution and layout gets bigger than the Ipad preview. I'll post a screenshot for you later. Thanks for the great job with framer btw.

Marta Simeonova

Great work with the FramerJS! Initially I used FramerJS a lot with Photoshop and I always got "No cached" message and the import was done from scratch. Hope this helps.

Andy Cetnarskyj

Artboards cause most issues with 3rd parties in Photoshop

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