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Eli Beitzuri
Posted Mar 18 - Read on Facebook

I was hoping to find a particle effects module for Framer, but no such luck. There were a couple of Framer projects that had code I could leverage. Is there something I missed?

I found is this excellent coffee script project on codepen. But my coffee script is weak and this example has no comments to help interpret it. How hard would it be to convert this to Framer?


George Kedenburg III
Eli Beitzuri

You're amazing. I had no idea so much of the code would translate to Framer!

George Kedenburg III

thats the magic of framer, its all just web stuff :) anything you see in a browser can be reused! and honestly with something like this, youre better off using a canvas element instead of trying to draw layers over and over again

George Kedenburg III

also theres one bit at the end which could probably be made more performant, but i forget how to tap into the native Framer animation loop. Koen told me once but I forgot

Eli Beitzuri

This is incredibly helpful. I've never used the canvas element before. Thank you!

George Kedenburg III

Oh one more thing, the auto refresh in studio makes it get incrementally faster so be sure to do a lot of cmd+r

Koen Bok

Framer.Loop.on "render", -> ...

George Kedenburg III

Eli here's an updated one that fixes the refresh bug:

Cody Evol

Ben Ashman

Vladimir Shlygin

I also had similar experiment in framer, but this one is based entirely on framer layers and the animation is different. It might be helpful though:

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