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Pablo Artee
Posted Feb 18 - Read on Facebook

Hi there, anyone having problems with some layers not showing on the Web Share? I haven´t been able to figure why it´s happening.



Floris Verloop

I can't reproduce this, what layer is missing specifically?

Pablo Artee

Navbar, and the Android Bottom Navigation layer

Pablo Artee

It's Chrome, for some reason there´s some layers missing. In Safari it show perfectly.

Floris Verloop

Nice find, I see you're working with the 'z' property to arrange your layers. I'd recommend using the `index` property ( and the .placeBehind, .placeBefore, .bringToFront, .sendToBack methods ( for a more consistent way to arrange your layers. I've added it to your prototype to make sure the 'over' layer is always on top →

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