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Naema Baskanderi
Posted Feb 13 - Read on Facebook

Hi All,

To keep myself motivated in learning framer, I was thinking about making tutorials. I know we already have some people making great tutorials. So is there anything you would like to see that hasn't been covered?

Also would you prefer a video or written tutorial?


Patricia Lee

Naema, please make video tutorials for beginners! A lot of students, including myself, want to learn framer but the skillcap is relatively high for newcomers unfamiliar with object oriented programming

John Grendon Enderby

Would be great to see a tutorial covering making modules and how they can improve workflow. I'm doing a lot of sales demos for work and would love to reduce the time it takes to create them!

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think small examples covering basic things would be awesome. I'd look for questions consistently asked and break them down into small demos.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Little snack videos would be great. I'd be interested in helping here.

Luis Ricardo La Torre

How to use json data or dynamic data.

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