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George Otsubo
Posted Feb 12 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I have two files that have the exact same code but one behaves differently from the other - hoping someone can take a look and see why that is? It's a snippet from a pull to refresh tutorial online.

This works fine where dragging is restricted to a specific number.

This file is the same exact code but it behaves all weird when you drag down..


Ben Rodenhäuser

The reason is that the file which works has an old version of framer inside. If you open that project and choose Update Framer from the file menu ... it won't work anymore! Probably the working one is downloaded from the internet, while the non-working one is a fresh one? In either case, and for reasons far above my pay grade ;-), the current version of framer does not like your move event.

George Otsubo

Wondering why the move event would behave differently in the new version? Benjamin Den Boer Jonas Treub

George Otsubo

Floris Verloop thank you!

John Grendon Enderby

I was doing a similar thing and using Utils.modulate for scale on scroll which worked in one but not another. Did you ever get to the bottom of that Benjamin?

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