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Tobias Schmücker
Posted Feb 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,
I'm having a problem with the ancestors-property.
It seems to only contain the next ancestor (parent), but not the ancestors of the parent.

Can somebody confirm that?
Koen Bok Jordan Robert Dobson


Ben Rodenhäuser

Yeah, trying to print the ancestors (rather than their number via .length) also gives unexpected results.

Jonas Treub

ancestors is a function, so add parenthesis to make it work layer.ancestors()

Ben Rodenhäuser

Ah, I see. There's a typo in the docs, then. Might make sense to make it behave the same way as descendants, which works without parenthesis.

Jonas Treub

You are right. I'll make a ticket. Thanks for the heads-up!

Tobias Schmücker


Ben Rodenhäuser

Thanks for the quick help!

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