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Randi Dumaguet
Posted Feb 11 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone! I had a chat with Jordan and Marc last night about preloading images in Framer. This was the product of that discussion:

The images are populated randomly and are from an external source. Utils.loadImage is used to preload each image before the thumbnails are shown. The problem that I encountered is that when you invoke the lightbox to view a bigger version of the image, sometimes Framer re-requests the image even though it has already been loaded previously.

Am I missing something?



Randi Dumaguet

In this GIF, the hippo image keep getting re-requested ( not sure if that's a word :D )

Floris Verloop

I've just tried force-tapping all the images, but everything is instant over here. I also don't see any network request being made after initial load. Does it give any errors in your console when this happens?

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