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Michael Lefco
Posted Feb 11 - Read on Facebook

I want to make a pagination tutorial for an app and I want an animation to start when the next page comes into view, any suggestions?


George Kedenburg III

you should check out the events section of the docs, i bet youll find what you need!

Benjamin Den Boer

Heya Michael Lefco — you can listen to page switches by using the page.on "change:currentPage" event. Within it, you can start new animations. Check out this helpful starter tutorial as well, where you'll learn how to set-up a set of pages with indicators step by step. :-)

Michael Lefco

thanks Benjamin Den Boer, if I want to initiate a certain animation based on a specific page in my page component, what would I listen for? I think an IF statement would be useful but I am unsure of what to make the conditional.

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