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Koen Bok
Posted Feb 26 - Read on Facebook

Did you know that the new touch emulation not just works on Framer? Here is an example with Mapbox maps. Pinch, pan and rotate all work like you expect, right in Framer Studio.


Fran Pérez

This is pretty awesome :)

Eli Beitzuri


Marc Krenn

Very impressive! :)

Up for a challenge, Koen? If you manage to get the touch emulator to work inside of iFrames, I'll mail you a package of Austrian sweets for the whole crew.

Rasmus Andersson

We've come a long way since "DHTML" in the 90s...

Mario Badilla


Guillermo Torres

Is this posted somewhere outside of the Facebook walls?

Mario Badilla

Do you have this example somewhere?

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