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Matt Baxter
Posted Feb 11 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone have trouble with running Framer prototypes in Chrome on Windows 10? I have some coworkers that can open the prototypes and even activate hover interactions, but for some reason nothing happens when clicking on something that should active a click event, not even an error.


Jordan Robert Dobson

I have something for you that will help.

Aalok Trivedi

yes, I have had that problem as well. I've sent a link to someone on windows chrome, and the link didn't work

Koen Bok

We're (slowly) working with the folks at Microsoft to get Framer fully compatible on Windows.

Matt Baxter

Discovered that it actually works better on Edge than on Chrome on Windows 10.

Weston Thayer

Is the device a 2:1?

Weston Thayer

To rephrase, is it a laptop with a touch screen?

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