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Jianqi Chen
Posted Feb 09 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, except for sharing framer, is there another way to send the work to others who do not have access to framer?


Scott Criswell

By sharing the link anyone can preview the project via a desktop browser or on their mobile phone with free apps like frameless. They don't need to download the project to view it from the shared URL.

Jianqi Chen

Scott Criswell hi I tried to go Mirror->copy the link, however, the link can only be opened by me. my coworkers cannot open the link

Stan Dézaid

Hey Jianqi - Download Frameless on your iphone, connect your phone and your mac to the same network, and just press "connect" in the app (it should pop up on your screen).
You'll be able to see all of your open projects directly on your phone.

Scott Criswell

Also keep in mind that your company may be blocking the URL.

Scott Criswell

You can use the Share link as well

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