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Mike Johnson
Posted Feb 10 - Read on Facebook

Did the sketch export to PDF ever gain traction? I'm running into some ugly scaling up artifacts on shape layers


Andrew Nalband

You can do it, but it's pretty damn tricky and not really documented anywhere but in this blog post. Basically you have to title the sketch group you're importing with the file extension .pdf

For example: shape.pdf

And then when you want to scale, you can't do it with the scale property!! You have you use width and height. See the example in the attached blog post.

Tes Mat

Yeah, use ‘width’ and ‘height’. Using ’scale’ can give artefacts because it doesn’t change the current resolution of the image.

Jonas Treub

Best is to size the layer at the largest size you want to show it onscreen and use scale for the animation. That way it gets great performance during the animation while still looking crisp.

Mike Johnson

Got it, thanks! That blog post also solved my other "bug" where artboards no longer default position to 0, 0... thanks!

Angela Don

Seth A Miller

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