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Koen Bok
Posted Feb 08 - Read on Facebook

If you ran into issues after the latest updates, there is a big chance we already fixed them. Just select "File → Update Framer…" and your project will get updated with the latest Framer.


Nelson Vasconcelos

Hi Koen Bok, I'm still having issues with a PageComponent containing ScrollComponents. The PageComponent only moves horizontally and the ScrollComponents vertically.

It used to work before I update, but now on mobile the scroll components are not scrolling, and the page component seems very sluggish.

Koen Bok

Hey Nelson, I'm sorry for that. Is there any chance you could share a (part of) the prototype that I can investigate? Just email it to [email protected].

Luca Galvani

Same here, I got a project that is working fine in v48, but last version has issues with masking and instantiating classes... no more white screen btw

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