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Marc Krenn
Posted May 18 - Read on Facebook

[crosspost] Stan asked me how I'd approach this type of 3D carousel.

Safari- / Framer Studio- only prototypes:

#3D #perspective #carousel #dof #depthOfField #distance


Adam Mazurick

Hey Marc Krenn when I try to visit this link, it breaks...I get a warning...

Stan Dézaid

Marc that's awesome ! Thanks for sharing these, that's pretty much what I'm looking for. I'll work on it and share the results if anything good comes out of it

Alex Bystrov


Benjamin Den Boer

Epic, thanks for sharing Marc! :-)

Andrew Nalband

Wow, excellent stuff, Marc Krenn

Marc Krenn

Thanks, guys! :D

Heni Amundsen

Yes! Finaly someone invented the future of interface.

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