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Jeppe Reinhold
Posted Feb 07 - Read on Facebook

Feature requests for Framer Studio:
- Coming from IntelliJ which has awesome auto-complete, Framer Studio's seems a little barebone sometimes. Just having the option to press Ctrl+Space in IntelliJ to show the suggestion is great! It also feels like Studio is sometimes suggesting things that doesn't make sense, like writing "midY" it suggest "midY.midY", which doesn't make sense.
tl;dr, just copy all the auto-complete features form IntelliJ.
- I would love to have multi-tab, multi-file support in Framer Studio. Sometimes when a project get's too big, it can be hard to scroll through all the code. Then it would be nice to split it up into multiple files, and have them editable in multiple tabbed code views in Studio. I know this is already possible using modules and multiple windows/IDEs, but it would be nice to have native support.

and THANKS for an awesome product, I really love using Framer, it's incredibly powerful. :)
I'll probably be spitting out more feature requests when I can think of them. :)