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Naema Baskanderi
Posted Feb 07 - Read on Facebook

I have been doing research on all the layer based prototyping tools and it does seem that Framer is coming out on top. Admittedly I sometimes get frustrated and try to find another tool with no programming but always end up back with Framer.

A friend of mine said it seems like it's becoming the standard. I know we're all Framers users, but would you all agree with that?

I wonder if people won't mind the steep learning curve. I'm the only one on my team who is willing to learn Framer since I do have some programming experience. Do you think that will be a big stumbling block for non-coders?


Hunter Caron

I'd say at this point in time I don't think there will be a 'standard' for a decent while. Each tool has its strengths, use cases and supporters. Framer is awesome, but I think we're still in the wild west of prototyping.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Where do most of your frustrations come from? Those would be awesome to vocalize and discuss with the community!

Callil Capuozzo

To be frank it is quite a big stumbling block.
My personal experience having introduced a few people in our studio to code is to make it as collaborative as possible. I always try to make time to look at their prototype, answer their questions and discuss the code with them.

This way it stops being a question of how can I learn to code. But a question of how can I best communicate this idea.

I think being open and sharing goes as far as any tutorial can in helping people get there.

My 2c

Daniel Caine

I don't think, at this point at least, there is and will likely ever be a 'standard' for prototyping tool. What Framer does well is allow you to rapidly iterate prototypes which are complex. If all you wanted to do was showcase a certain flow of screens, then something like InVision would be better. If you only wanted to articulate a concept to engineers then pen and paper may be a good choice. There are so many different tools available to us that you need to be able to pick the right one for the right job. Using Framer for absolutely every single prototype you do will likely be overkill.

Dmitry Sobolev

Please try Fuse It's a fantastic tool :)

Aaron Benjamin

I swing back n forth with Framer and Principle depending on what I need to prototype. I'll use Invision if I need to do a whole app.

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