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Victor Nogueira
Posted Feb 14 - Read on Facebook

Hello, started playing with Framer for the first time this week. So far I'm really impressed (and happy with how quickly you can achieve things).

I'm trying to add a pageComponent inside of a scrollComponent. Everything seems to be working fine, except I'm getting an error that says:

"ReferenceError: Can't find variable: offset"

The prototype is working as it's supposed to, but just wanted to get rid of this error.



Nelson Vasconcelos

This is a bug I'm also experiencing since the update last week. It's probably something related with the new gesture events.

Victor Nogueira

Hey, Nelson. Thanks for replying. It looks very much like a bug to me, but since I'm still a complete noob, I figured someone might have an idea.

Nelson Vasconcelos

Anyone is also facing this issue?

Philip Madeley

Yes, I have this issue too...

Koen Bok

This is a bug we just fixed, sorry. Just do File → Update Framer in your project.

Victor Nogueira

Hey Koen Bok, thanks for replying. The update made the error disappear, but now I got a small glitch when I scroll the page up and down and then try to paginate the page component. Basically the initial offset seems to be off, so the page jumps just after you start dragging it. Is this still a bug or am I missing something? Tried several combinations of directionLock, but no luck.

Example here:

Marcus Gellermark

I think I have a similar issue related to this. Whenever I add a page component to a scroll component. The page dito is still "scrollable" but won't snap to the pages. Is this me doing something wrong or am I just missing something?

Marcus Gellermark

Yes, at least I think so haven't had the time to mess with it a bunch. directionLock is the key

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