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Stan Dézaid
Posted Dec 11 - Read on Facebook

Trying to build an infinite carousel front-facing, similar to the attached project shared a while ago in this group - except I'd like the layers to act as if they were on a wheel, meaning go behind the carousel and back to the top infinitely, instead of just scrolling up and down.

Any views or examples ?


Alex Maximets

Hey Marc, I've been working on this for a while, but still can't seem to figure out what's wrong with "scroll.content.onDragEnd ->" part. I am trying to get the carousel working like a scroll wheel (so you can spin it basically) and then layers[i] needs to land on the "selector" layer, display its name and display the page that is associated with it. I'd love to get your help with this man

Stan Dézaid

Marc Krenn maybe - I'm sure you'd have a view on how to approach this ! :)

Marc Krenn (FramerStudio/Safari only)

Good luck making it "infinite" :)

Alex Maximets

Also interested in this carousel functionality. The link seems to be broken, however. Can someone please upload a working link to Framer.js file?

Alex Maximets

First part of the task done: Took me way longer than it should have. Still can't get to make the scrolling responsive and save layers position on Drag event. Any help would be very welcome Marc Krenn (I played around with the tip you gave me and still no luck, perhaps my calculations for posX are wrong)

Alex Maximets

Hey Marc I've been working on the carousel component you helped me with. I'm trying to rotate the wheel 50 px to the left to give that a 3d effect. (refresher)

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