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Scott Criswell
Posted Feb 05 - Read on Facebook

Anyone else having issues with the new doubleClick function not working in Frameless?

The double-tap gesture isn't responding for me. Works as expected within Framer Studio.


Scott Criswell

For anyone wondering the new doubleTap function didn't work for me at all until I started a brand new framer studio project and ported the code over from a legacy project. After that everything seems to be working just fine within Frameless. In my case using the doubleTap function actually threw an error in Framer Studio until I ported to a new framer project altogether.

Hopefully this will help anyone else experiencing strange bugs with the new gestures within legacy framer projects and Framer Studio.

Chris Camargo

Did you try hitting File > Update Framer... in your old project?

Scott Criswell

I'm such a noob to framer that I didn't even know about that update feature. I'm sure it would have worked. I figured that was the issue but didn't even try looking for a solution directly within Framer Studio.

Scott Criswell

This thread can be a good learning tool for other noobs like myself so it isn't all bad ;)

Chris Camargo

No problem. You ran into this issue because the framer.js file in your old prototype wasn't the latest version, which means it was missing all the newest features. If you run into this again, the Update Framer feature will pull down the latest build of framer.js and replace it in your prototype.

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