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Mike Johnson
Posted Feb 18 - Read on Facebook

Has there been a change with sketch artboard positions that I missed?

On a file with only 2 artboards and 1 group for each, importing the file studio shows the second artboard off at x = 1540, the position of the artboard in sketch.

Using Sketch 3.5.1 and Studio v51


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Mike Johnson — since our latest Sketch update from late December, there has been a change in how we handle artboards, yes. We now reset the most top-left artboard (considered your first one) to x:0, y:0 — then all subsequent artboards get positioned relative to this one. So, previously we reset all artboards, now only the first one, so you it's a little easier to create paging views, for example. Check out our blog post on the update, too! :-)

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