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Naema Baskanderi
Posted Feb 05 - Read on Facebook

Nested Layers Question

Hi All,
This may be a silly question.
(I did look through the group to find info on how to access nested layers)

I was curious about accessing nested layers from an imported sketch file where there are duplicate names It seems as though I have to name each layer. Here is an example of what I mean:

pwdInputField = Navigation.subLayers[0].subLayers[1].subLayers[0]
emailInputField = Navigation.subLayers[0].subLayers[2].subLayers[0]

I was just wondering if there is a *smarter* way of doing this :)


Mike Johnson

When you import nested groups are actually all namespaced directly on the import object.

In your case `pwdInputField = Navigation.yourGroupNameFromSketch`

Andreas Wahlström

Here's a plugin I wrote that should help with situations like this:

In this case you'd use SelectOne('Password > InputField') and SelectOne('Email > InputField'). If you'd like to do this without a plugin you could try Navigation.password.subLayersByName('InputField')[0]. The plugin handles a lot of other cases too, though.

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