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Marc Krenn
Posted Feb 04 - Read on Facebook

Part II of my mini series on HTML5's 'canvas'-element is about grabbing and processing pixels of an image to calculate its average color:

(btw that's pretty much how the famous 'Color Thief' script operates on a basic level:

#canvas #average #color #pixelThief


Chris Camargo

Love this. This is the kind of analysis Apple built into iTunes to create color schemes that match the album art in your library. Panic has a nice write up on it:

Marc Krenn

Shout out to @Min-Sang Choi who has used Color Thief for one of his prototypes quite some time ago: (unfortunately it's currently broken)

Marc Krenn

Maybe I'll try to wrap an enhanced version or 'Color Thief' itself into a FramerJS-friendly module ...

Koen Bok

Protip: you can put the first x colors from colorthief into Framer Colors and then sort them by lightness to pick the colors with most contrast for for/background.

Max Batt

Killer. Is there any way to isolate an accent color of an image rather than averaging out all colors?

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