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Naema Baskanderi
Posted Feb 04 - Read on Facebook

Anyone know the best tutorials out there? I have checked the framerjs resources section. Wondering if there is anything else out there


Chris Aga

I found this video useful in the beginning.

Marc Krenn, curated by our very own Jordan Robert Dobson, is pretty sweet as well ... but it's mostly about modules and solving very particular problems.

I think your best bet is to look at all the prototype posted here - you'll learn a lot just by reading other people's code. Might be a bit tedious at first but I'll promise you: It will pay off! :)

Koen Bok

Kate just uploaded a few good ones from a London meetup.

Vishal Iyer

There is a free skillshare class that's pretty good-

Darin Dimitrov

I tend to recommend Jay Stakelon's tutorials to beginners. They've helped a lot of people get started with Framer.

Aaron James
Dave Crow

I found this eBook really useful and always recommend it to people new to Framer. It's well worth $12.

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