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Mina Aboud
Posted Feb 04 - Read on Facebook

Hello, so far i'm amazed by Framer.js , but the golden question many may asked before, but i couldn't find a direct answer for . can i export code from framer to mobile iOS/Android as native code to give to devs ?


Daniel Cortez

You write framer in coffeescript and prototypes are produced in HTML/CSS/JS. Native iOS and android would be swift/objective-c and Java. With that said, logic in the code, timing of animations, and spring rates could be helpful to developers.

Jordan Robert Dobson

You're making the assumption the developer also wants your code too. :)

Mike Johnson

Not directly (unless you're the developer ;) ), but prototypes often provide "living specs" for devs, where they can match animation and transitions etc far better than static comps with "it slides in from the right"

Mina Aboud

Thanks guys, i appreciate your responses a lot. (Y)

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