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Koen Bok
Posted Feb 17 - Read on Facebook

New huge release. We added gestures like pinch, pan and force touch, including support built right into Framer Studio (hold alt to pinch). We also improved 3D a lot, giving your canvas a perspective by default.

For the framework we added shortcuts like layer.onClick and layer.onPan, and we renamed super/subLayer to parent/children for simplicity.

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Koen Bok

My favorite might be `Screen.onEdgeSwipeLeft -> ...` for navigation :-)

Adria Jimenez

Amazing :D

Darin Dimitrov

This + InVision Craft in a single day. Big up!

John Grendon Enderby

Amazing indeed! 👊

Baisampayan Saha would make life much more easier...:)

Øyvind Nordbø

Awesome 😍

Marc Krenn


Multitouch is awesome and all but the real shit IMHO is 'layer.size', haha :D

Hidde van der Ploeg

Great job guys! Amazing update :)

Giovanni Caruso

Holy sh#t!!! <3

Nicholas Wallen

Awesome! Very Exciting. Curious, will the child/parent naming updates break old prototypes?

Tanner Christensen

Great update! I'm running into a small issue though in my prototype, replacing "layer.superLayer = X" with "layer.parent = X" isn't working. Is this not how it's intended to be used?

Alex Bystrov

Dave Crow

Love it. Thanks for making such a great tool!

Eli Beitzuri

Loving this update, but unclear on what "pan" is. I expected this to be using the gyroscope. Can't find an explanation of the interaction in the documentation or the blog post.

Chris Camargo

So much beauty here. Great release. I'm now curious about two things:

1. What's the significance of using Framer.Device.screen.canvasScaleY() in the EdgeSwipe demo? This is a value I wouldn't expect to see, and I don't know that it would occur to me to make use of it if I were trying to build the same interaction.

2. Under "More Updates", I see "We now separate scroll events from click events." What exactly is the ramification of this? Do we no longer have to perform checks like `if not layer.isMoving` when writing a click event?

Ryan Gambles


Mike Hughes

I'm only new to Framer, but loving it as I learn. Thanks guys for a big mobile friendly update and all the hard work !

Chris Chen

Eduardo Ribeiro


Joshua Tucker

Killin' it!

David Lee

Does force touch work on Chrome?

Cristian Constantin Olarasu

Whaa.. nice job! :D

Luca Galvani

Nice features! Btw Jonas Treub I just updated Framer to the latest version… when I open a project everything works fine, if I save the preview goes dead white and never comes back… anyone experiencing this?

Sander Värv

You guys should update the Learn section on your website too. These new event shortcuts are much easier for beginners.

Nelson Vasconcelos

Hey guys, are we facing any performance issues and errors with the PageComponent?
I've updated a prototype I was working on and now it's super slow and whenever I swipe a page I get this error on console:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this._point.y')
(anonymous function)
(anonymous function)
(anonymous function)
(anonymous function)
(anonymous function)
(anonymous function)

Jonathan Tran

Guys, fab update! Love the words "We now separate scroll events from click events." :)

Poamrong Rith

B| B| B| B| B| B| B|

Alexander Bennett

is it just me, or did the cursor in this latest update get really big? any way to scale the framer IDE cursor?

Johannes Eckert

loving FramerJS just for this post alone. way to go to provide inspirational release blog post, examples and documentation at the same time!

Jin Chun

support for non mac osx? Like Linux or windows?

Alexander Bennett

Is there a way of using Pinchable without enabling rotation? Just pinch to zoom in and out

Mochen Liu

When you gonna give Android more loves? Only official Android Device Viewer are Nexus 5, which is almost 3 years old, and Nexus 9...

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