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Elias Suske
Posted Feb 04 - Read on Facebook

1) There is this example about Pages in the FramerJS Docs (see Image).
I ask myself about this line:
"pageContent.html = pageContent.html = number + 1"
Why double the ".html"?

2) And pleeease: Is there nobody who knows a possibility to get a variable/Value from outside into Framer except from KeyEvents? This would help so much!

Thank you!


Koen Bok

It is a trick to set two variables to the same value. Like:

a = b = 1

Now a and b are both 1.

Koen Bok

Haha but in this case it's just a mistake I think, because it just sets it twice.

Koen Bok

cc Benjamin Den Boer can you explain Floris how to fix the examples?

Elias Suske

;) allright!

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