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Elias Suske
Posted Feb 03 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to read either:
1) Midi CC Messages
2) Console Logs (os X)
3) TUIO Messages
within Framer? Maybe via importing any Module or something?

And, second question: how to create a variable and update it constantly in Framer? I thought about a workaround: Make a Layer and put the Variable on Layer.X, and then listen to "on Change: X" …? Do you have better suggestions?



Robin Deniz

By 2.), do you mean console.log? If so, you just have to open the console by clicking View->Show Console. Then make sure that the filter is on "All" at the bottom right. After that your logs should appear.

Marc Krenn

Hey Elias,

"Native" MIDI CC was supported for a short amount of time but they eventually patched it out. It was supposed to be patched-in again but that hasn't happened yet (as far as I know).

Elias Suske

what a pitty, midi support would help a lot with prototyping … we hope for the future :)
if anybody else has a good idea for a workaround please let me know!

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