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Vanessa Mateus
Posted Feb 04 - Read on Facebook

Hi. New to Framer and CoffeeScript. Very keen to learn, Are there any certified experts based in London for 1:1coaching?


Benjamin Den Boer

cc Kate Pincott, Harsha Vardhan R :-)

Vanessa Mateus

Thanks Benjamin Den Boer ! Hi Kate Pincott are you available for teaching Framer? I can't seem to find training classes or courses in London at all. :<

Sergey Voronov we have events on regular basis

Vanessa Mateus

oh nice. :) thanks Sergey!

Kate Pincott

Hi Vanessa, no 1:1's as such unless you can persuade someone ;) come along to the next #sundayprotobrunch though where we have self initiated learning but in a group huddle 🦄✌🏻️

Vanessa Mateus

Thank you. Will do.

Joseph Martz


Adria Jimenez

Make sure to check my online course here

Currently with more than 2000 students worldwide learning and using Framer all together :)
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