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Alex Gough
Posted Feb 03 - Read on Facebook

Hello! Very new to framer.js here but eager to learn. :)

When using a custom device in Framer Studio (from Snippets), how can I change the y value of the device frame? Is it possible to move the screen down instead? It is currently 20px or so off (see attachment for reference).

Thanks in advance!


Jordan Robert Dobson

No, you can't move the screen.

I believe you need to have the screen layer perfectly centered in your image. So if you're like 20 px too low you need to either add/remove height on your image or adjust the positioning of the device in the image.

Johannes Eckert

yes, Jordan is correct. this takes some careful measurement in Photoshop when preparing the device image.

Alex Gough

Sweet! That makes sense, I will try it; thank you.

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